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Best Funny Animal Videos Compilation 2014 NEW HD - Duration: 10:26.

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Nightcore~The Phoenix |NightCorePug - Duration: 3:32.

Nightcore~The Phoenix |NightCorePug - Duration: 3:32.

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The Pug has a square, stubby and compact body."a big dog in a small package". It has deep wrinkles on its forehead and a soft, open, distinctive expression. The Pug dog will communicate with people by making nasal noises. This affectionate dog breed makes an excellent family pet.

Pugs have soft and smooth coats. Relatively easy to maintain with some shedding, Pugs require brushing only once or twice a week.

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Round head, square body, curly tail — that’s the Pug. Wherever he goes, his wrinkly face and fun-loving personality charm people. He is good with other dogs, cats, and children, and nothing makes him happier than being part of the family. He’s no jogging buddy, but this lively fellow loves an outing to the office or park.